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INGREDIENTS Dry chilli PACKAGING Bags PROCESSING PRODUCTS Chilli: from local producers STORAGE Vacuum sealed bags EXPIRY 24 months from date of production USE The whole hot pepper It is a specialty that represents the typical ingredient par excellence of Sicilian cuisine; with a classic cone shape and a bright red color, it is so famous that it is requested and exported all over the world for its flavor, as well as for its aromatic, therapeutic and aphrodisiac qualities. It is used to season first and second courses based on meat and fish, but its use also extends to pastry and gastronomy for desserts, chocolate, or spicy sauces. WORKING The chilli peppers harvested in August and September are naturally dried under the hot Sicilian sun. After drying with the whole plant, the dried peppers are cut. i from their stem. They are then stored in vacuum-sealed bags in cool and dry places.

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